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      Equipment 20__ Rental Agreement

      AGREEMENT made between FanComm Enterprises, INC (Owner) and ___________________________________________(Renter):

  1. Owner hereby rents to Renter the equipment described below: (Please print clearly)

  2. Renter shall pay the Owner the sum of $___________ as payment for the rental herein, said sum payable prior to equipment rental using a valid and approved credit card.

  3. The Renter shall pay a security deposit of $300.00. The security deposit is in addition to the rental payment noted in Paragraph 2. Only after all equipment has been returned to the Owner and found to be in good condition and repair shall the security deposit be reimbursed to the Renter. The Renter agrees to pay the full retail value of any equipment that is not returned or is returned damaged. The full retail value of the equipment described in Paragraph 1 of this agreement is $___________.

  4. The Renter shall during the rental term keep and maintain the above described equipment in good condition and repair and shall be responsible for any loss, casualty, damage or destruction to said equipment notwithstanding how caused and the Renter agrees to return said property in its present condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted.

  5. The rental period shall commence on ___________________, 20__, and terminate on ___________________, 20__, at which date the equipment shall be promptly returned via UPS pickup as scheduled and pre-paid by the Owner. Please specify the race(s) this rental will be used for: ______________________________ and the ABSOLUTE NEED BY DATE ____________________________.

  6. Should the Renter choose to purchase the above described equipment, the sum of the rental payment shall be applied towards the purchase. No other discounts or special promotions will apply. The purchase must commence within 10 calendar days from the termination of the equipment rental.
    UPS Shipping Options (PICK ONE)
    Other terms:                                                                                                               O   FanComm issues CALL TAG
                                                                                                                                       O   FanComm issues a RETURN LABEL
                                                                                                                                       O   CUSTOMER uses THEIR UPS ACCOUNT
    Signed this ______ day of ________________, 20___                                              See RENTAL INSTRUCTIONS for Shipping options




Renters name as it appears on Credit card: ___________________________________________________________

Address___________________________________________ City ________________ State _______ Zip  ________

Telephone number____________________________ ________ _E-mail address _____________________________

Credit card number_____________________________________ Expiration ____________Card Type ____________

Previous version of this form may be used until supplies are depleted!