Customer Comments
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Never having used anything like your equipment before I was a bit apprehensive about how technical it might be to operate and or the potential awkwardness of carrying it around.
First I was very pleasantly surprised to see the way the equipment was packed in it's easy to carry bag.
Secondly the operating instructions included with the equipment. I thought were very clear and concise, and the equipment very easy to use.
I am not an electronics nut so I am not sure what the difference is from one unit to the next. I do know however that the equipment was in tiptop shape and performed better than I had ever imagined it would.
We did find that as the booklet stated that many teams did not do a whole lot of communicating during the races. I seemed to notice more communications during practice runs and happy hours. Because of this, to try and listen to just one frequency seemed pointless, so we left one scanner on scan and the other on MRN. Actually very early on I turned one scanner off and just left the MRN broadcast on. That seemed to be more entertaining, especially when they would break on the radio for commercial you could still hear much of the banter in the broadcast booth.
All in all I am very pleased with your product and exceptional service.
I will use your product again the next time I go to a race. As a matter of fact I had many inquiries about your equipment and was able to distribute all of the business cards you sent along with the setup.
I don't know what else to say other than keep up the good work and I look forward to doing business with you again.
P.S. Great touch with the goodies and survival package included.

Could talk without yelling

The ability to talk to each other easily... It was great... ....Just wanted to add that I gave your number to a couple at the track. They were impressed with the intercom system. I had a couple of people ask about the system. I really enjoyed your product... Thanks for everything. I hope to use FanComm again....

Thanks to all our customers for filling our the survey included in the rental booklet. Your comments have helped us change the items that needed to be updated and showed us what we are doing right as well as what we did wrong. All of these comments are on file along with all the other surveys that our customers have filled out. 

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