Hearing Loss Possible
Prolonged exposure to high noise levels above 90 decibels can be dangerous to your hearing.
FanComm personnel have measured the noise levels at most of the NEXTEL tracks and have found the noise levels to be between 90 and 120 Decibels. With the normal volume being around 110 dB depending on the track.
Volume in DecibelsType of Noise
Volume in DecibelsType of Noise
150Jet Takeoff
90Factory, Lawn mower
130Jackhammer, Monster car stereo
70Busy street
120Rock Concert, Car stereo
60Restaurant, Barking dog
110CAR RACES, (FanComm measured value)
50Normal Conversation
*** Bristol Is a constant 115 dB and peaks at 125 dB during restarts!!!
Safe Exposure levels:
Government work guidelines for high decibel level exposure:
VolumeTime Limits
VolumeTime Limits
954 Hours
11030 Minutes
1003 Hours
1207.5 Minutes
If you're not wearing hearing protection at the races you are risking your hearing. If you don't use our hearing protectors, please use some form of protection at the races.

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